Hey there, welcome to the latest version of lucaskavanagh.com, now also at lucas.fyi because Kavanagh is really hard to spell. I’m hoping this version will be much more dynamic, starting with this blog, let’s hope I maintain it!

I write this from a cafe in Colombo, Sri Lanka about to embark on a two month expedition with the International Ocean Discovery Program aboard the JOIDES Resolution. I’m an Education and Outreach Officer so its my job to communicate the science happening onboard the ship to the rest of the world. This means I’ll be…

Making a podcast! 

Sadly Double Blind is on hiatus until I return in February but I will be producing a podcast mini-series from the boat. The first episode is almost done and they’ll follow weekly after that. Here’s a quick preview… 

Talking to people live, all over the world! 

We will be giving free live-streamed events from onboard the ship to schools, universities, and museums. Events are roughly 45 minutes and include a ship tour, explanation of the research, and question and answer session with one of the scientists. If you’re interested in signing up for one of these events you can do that here

Blogging at joidesresolution.org

I’m starting two new blogs at once; yikes that’s a lot of commitment. You’ll be able to see posts by me as well as the other Education and Outreach officers here

Well that’s it for now, stay tuned for lots more in the next few days!