Documentary Projects

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The Rarest Drug on Earth

An incredibly rare isotope called Actinium-225 could revolutionize the way we treat cancer. Preliminary trials have obliterated cancer in patients given only weeks to live. There's only one problem: it's almost impossible to obtain. Today, most of our global supply comes from American radioactive waste, but it's barely enough to treat a handful of patients per year. Due to this shortage, it's been impossible to do a large-scale clinical trial. A team of researchers in Vancouver is trying to change that. At TRIUMF - the world's largest cyclotron particle accelerator - scientists are looking at a new way to make Actinium-225 using leftover particles from the accelerator. If successful, Canada could become the global supplier of a brand new, lifesaving cancer treatment.

The pitch video may be viewed here. The Rarest Drug on Earth is currently in production and will be released in late summer 2018.

Double Blind

Double Blind, began as a weekly science podcast where we provide in-depth discussion and analysis of breaking science news stories. In 2017 the project evolved into a YouTube channel which we update every few months with explainer videos on scientific or political topics.

There is an exciting new Double Blind series currently in production, with a planned release in Summer 2018.




Oceanographic Expeditions

Combining my background in oceanography with my passion for science communication, I have served as an education and outreach officer onboard both the JOIDES Resolution and the R/V Atlantis. This work included production of live video broadcasts, short web videos, a website, and a podcast